A New Ending

     We lost Grandma Bonnie today.  Just a few hours ago. I’m not sure why I’m writing this now, adding an extra entry a year and a half after I stopped this blog.  It’s a bookend, I suppose. A coping mechanism. A way to find clarity when sadness makes your throat close up and your chest … Continue reading A New Ending


Day 31:     I’m going to start today where most people end.  By saying thank you. For anyone who’s stuck with this rambling disaster of a blog for 31 days, you deserve an award.  And I cannot thank you enough for your support. Your wonderfully kind words. You commitment to a ride whose destination I hadn’t … Continue reading Because


Day 30:        It’s funny how life connects you with people.  An invisible net that pulls us together, in the most unlikely of places, often when we need it most.  When the factory Pops worked for closed up shop, they offered him a position in their home plant, in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  After some tough … Continue reading Grandpa


Day 26:     The theme was supposed to be music.  Most of the stories I prodded Howard about that day revolved around his life with music, its influence on him.  But sitting there, listening to him talk, I realized I had very little context for his life. Just larger, swathing, concrete truths about his existence.  Arkansas. … Continue reading Williford

The Omen

Day 25:     “Maybe that was a omen or some kinda, somethin’ to tell me I shoulda left music alone.”       Howard chuckled at this, and Grandma Bonnie did too.  One of my favorite themes that carried through the stories that he told me during our interview was about how he lost guitars throughout his life. … Continue reading The Omen